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Due to our experience of more than 22 years in the global LED market, we are the ideal partner to implement your ideas and visions of innovative disinfection processes in the best possible way with the latest UV-C-LED technology. We also combine different technologies, such as active carbon filters with a connected UV-C-LED disinfection unit, to achieve the best possible effect.

Our 3 areas of operation

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Water is life! With our unique filter and UV-C -LED technology there should be access to crystal clear drinking water anytime and anywhere on our planet.

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We all need air to live, so it should be as clean and germ-free as possible. This is where UV-C-LED and filter technology can demonstrate their strengths.

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Since Covid-19, clean, germ-free surfaces have also become part of the general public's consciousness. Also here our technology offers the best solutions.

Chemical-free and highly effective method for the cleaning of water, surfaces and air

Modern UV-C technology offers you a chemical-free and highly effective way of cleaning water, surfaces and air. We cover these 3 fields of operation with our experience and we are the experts for your vision and also the design of the solution you are looking for!

We also integrate and combine UV-C technology on LED basis with filter technology for water and air applications. In addition to new developments and integration into existing systems, we are also happy to take care of the production process. With development and quality control “Made in Austria”!

For effective disinfection, LED-based UV-C offers many advantages: Unwanted micro-organisms can be inactivated within seconds, while the product characteristics remain unchanged. This is because the extremely high-energy UV-C light initiates a photochemical reaction. An LED wavelength between 265 nm and 275 nm can be absorbed by the cell nucleic acids. Depending on the radiation dose, this leads to inactivation of the germs. UV-C light is therefore already being used successfully in many areas to specifically damage or kill microorganisms (such as bacteria/viruses, yeasts and moulds).

Our services

We offer not only complete new developments, but support producers of products within ranges, where hygiene has highest priority to integrate our UV-C LED solutions into their products. This includes products for markets such as food production, sanitary facilities, public transportation, health care, pharmaceutical industry and many more.

This is where creativity and innovation meet and where you benefit from our experience as an engineering company, developing an initial idea into a product ready for series production and sale from a single source. For example, with our purgaty® One drinking bottle system developed in Austria for easy sterilisation of drinking or tap water at the touch of a button in just 55 seconds!

Our services as an engineering company include

– Product design and product development
– Product Engineering
– Implementation of a vision and idea
– The preparation of expert appraisals
– Digital implementation of your ideas


*Tested and verified with the purgaty® ONE system (500ml and 700ml) and confirmed by the accredited test laboratory EUROFINS according to the Drinking Water Ordinance (BGBI. II No. 304/2001) or the ÖLMB Chapter B1. Minerals remain in the water as well. A filtering of heavy metals or chlorine from the water is therefore not possible!

"We set great emphasis on offering the customer the best quality at the best price with our tailor-made developments. In the field of UV-C disinfection we have all our products and developments scientifically proven. For this reason, we have ongoing cooperation with various universities. We offer our customers support in the handling of projects, starting with the concept phase, prototyping and the actual product development up to the production "Made in Austria".

Christian Beckert, CTO von purgaty®

Engineering, design and production in vienna.

In addition to our office in the 8th district of Vienna, our new location in Korneuburg near Vienna combines the complete engineering, design and production of our projects and products. In addition we offer in-house rapid prototyping with our extensive machinery (3D printing, CNC milling, Laser, etc.). This also enables us – very flexible and within the shortest time – to produce samples and small series.

How we operate

Using state-of-the-art CAD programs, we develop the construction plans of your ideas and products and make them virtually “experienceable” for you in renderings.

We work with the latest CAD/CAM software systems to support our customers as quickly as possible in the planning phase with digital renderings and subsequently with experienceable prototypes in project development and decision-making. In addition, we carry out detailed simulations and calculations in advance to evaluate and determine certain design limits in a timely manner.

The finally edited data can then be transmitted directly to state-of-the-art production equipment and lines. In this way we guarantee – together with our quality control – that you actually get what you have ordered!

"It's got to be tested, it's got to work, otherwise we don't do it." Thomas Gombas, managing director of purgaty® tech

Thomas Gombas, managing director of purgaty® tech

Our team based in Vienna.

1 team – 365 days a year – 100% focused – 1 goal

Ing. Thomas Gombas

As purgaty® tech CEO, I am delighted to combine around 30 years of experience in the international LED industry and world-leading companies with my team and to live our vision together:


As we are constantly expanding our team, it is always worth taking a look at our career page.


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